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Auction Information


Reserve Price: Minimum price that the product may sell for. May be the same as Starting Price or not used.

Buy Now Price: If available, the Buy Now Price allows you to buy an item when you want it, at a set price.

Minimum Bid Increase: The minimum amount required to add to the current bid price.

Starting Bid: The starting price may be set for the auction. This may be less or the same as a reserve price.

Auction Ends: The date and time the Auction ends.

Current Highest Bid: The current highest bid on the product. If you are logged in, and you are the current highest bidder, it will say You are the current high bidder!

How to bid: Once you find an item you are interested in, just click "place bid"or "login to place bid".

  1. You should carefully review the entire product listing and take note of the item "condition"
  2. Enter the amount to bid on the item. If a minimum bid increase is active, you must enter the current bid plus at least the minimum amount for the bid increase.
  3. Click the Submit button to place your bid.

You will get an email if you have been out bid for a item. When the auction ends, you will receive another email indicating whether you've won the product or not, with an explanation of what to do next.

You have been outbid when another buyer has placed a higher bid than yours, and you are no longer the current high bidder.

To help avoid disappointment, ensure that the maximum bid you enter on the item page is the highest price that you're willing to pay. The bidding system automatically increases your bid up to the price you specify, so entering a higher bid may help prevent you from being outbid in the closing seconds of the auction.

If you are outbid on a listing you bid on, you will receive email notifications:

When another buyer's bid exceeds your bid, you will receive an email letting you know that you have been outbid. You can use the link in the email to return to the item page and increase your bid.


When a listing ends, an email is automatically sent to all bidders.


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